Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August of 2017, but it’s aftermath lingered well into the first half of 2018.  For some, it still lingers. As I helped friends recover, rebuild their lives and their businesses, I often reflected that my “Attitude was filled with Gratitude” because my business, my home, were not harmed.

It wasn’t until early May that my life returned to some form of normalcy, and I was once again able to truly focus on my business. Since then, my business has flourished. We’ve doubled in size, added Rhinoware Door Barricades, by Campus Safety Products into our portfolio, received Sprint’s Platinum Partner Award for this past year, developed a new solution for K-12 that allows students to have a Smart Hotspot, providing internet access to students who otherwise wouldn’t have it. We even introduced our first IoT solution from MyDevices, enabling remote (temperature) monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, as well as the ability to monitor almost anything else like parking garages and available spaces, tank monitoring, hot water monitors for hotels and other properties and so much more.

This month marks Premier’s 25th Year Anniversary. I had planned on having a big celebration, instead, I’m simply going to say Thank You, to everyone and anyone, that has been part of this journey, not just this year, but anytime over the past 25 years.

My heart and my attitude are filled with immense gratitude and I wish each of you, a Happy Thanksgiving!

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