About Us

Mission Statement:

To enable innovation, safety & transformation, through technology, for our clients both at work and at home.

About Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions

As 5G emerges and the mobile industry advances, it’s more important than ever, to have a trusted partner to work with. Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions, is that partner. With more than 25 years of experience, working in all aspects of mobile technology, you can count on Premier to provide the hardware, defense-grade security, business solutions, and the support team to assist you with your deployment.

Purchasing Contracts

Premier makes it easy to do business with by leveraging several national purchasing contracts including:

  • NCPA
  • DIR – TSO – 3866
  • DIR – TSO – 3897
  • DIR – TSO – 4075
  • DIR – TSO – 3784
  • DIR – TSO – 3432
  • Choice Partners
  • State of Texas – HUB - 1760475736300
  • City of Houston – WBE – 15-11-11371
  • Houston First
  • Metro – SBE
  • Port of Houston – SBE
  • California Public Utilities – Supplier
  • Clearinghouse
  • NGLCC –

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