Schools, hospitals , restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and food manufacturers across the country are responsible for keeping our food supply safe and ensuring the food they sell has been properly monitored 24/7 – 365 days a year to protect our health.  Yet, many companies and organizations struggle to properly check and log the temperatures per federal and state regulations. The reality is the people that are responsible for maintaining the paper logs, get interrupted to do other things, they forget or sometimes, they just don’t fully understand the importance of maintaining these logs. The bottom line is its labor intensive, expensive and virtually impossible to manually monitor all refrigeration equipment 24 hours a day.

IoT sensor solutions can eliminate paper logs and automate the monitoring process, providing detailed reports, with readings every 20 minutes. The information is accurate and shows the variance and the trends for every refrigeration unit. In the event a unit is out of compliance, for a specified amount of time, an automatic alert is sent to a predetermined list of people. This automatic notification occurs when the issue begins instead of after its too late, enabling the right people to be notified so the problem is solved quickly and efficiently, before food spoils, saving money and keeping people from becoming ill and preventing costly lawsuits at the same time.

This type of solution is cost effective and ensures CDC, EPA and FDA regulatory compliance with accurate data recording and printable reports. The sensors themselves are easy to install, and enable both onsite and remote monitoring 24/7 for one person or multiple people.

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