ConnectED Campus™

Experience WiFi beyond the limits of a school building with the innovative ConnectED Campus™ solution. It has sure and secure connectivity along with a rugged outdoor campus WiFi router system. Our router is sturdy and built to withstand dirt, humidity, water, extreme temperatures, and more to bridge the digital divide.

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A permanent Wi-Fi solution on campus

We provide a long-lasting permanent installation with our ConnectED Campus™. Unlike the mobile ConnectED Bus™, the WiFi campus network design is hardwired for permanent installation solutions only. This hardwired design makes it very secure and fast since it cannot be changed easily with software. The campus WiFi system may not have a portable kit option, but its hardwired deployment option is the best of its kind.

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Opt for broader Wi-Fi coverage

Experience a broader range of connectivity reach with the WiFi on campuses. ConnectED Campus™ provides up to half a mile of WiFi coverage, making it better than most connection ranges offered today. Because of its broad coverage area, students can enjoy high-speed connectivity while maintaining social distancing measures. What’s more, the cellular LTE network allows students who live up to half a mile from the ConnectED Campus™ to enjoy connectivity in their homes.

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Two secure deployment options

The campus WiFi solutions come with two hardwired secure deployment options. With these two ConnectED Campus™ deployment alternatives, students can access internet services while maintaining social distancing protocols to protect their health.

ConnectED Campus™ (WiFi)

The ConnectED Campus™ WiFi is perfect for schools with huge land space where connectivity can be limited around the parking lots, sporting fields, playgrounds, and stadiums.

With our campus WiFi equipment, you can keep the whole school connected. ConnectED Campus™ makes it possible for students to create a campus wide WiFi network. It also pushes for the creation of a "campus connect," where there is no interruption in Wi-Fi coverage at all times.

ConnectED Campus™ LTE (Cellular)

The ConnectED Campus™ with cellular LTE is the front liner in bridging the digital divide. The sole aim of this campus WiFi system is to provide connectivity in needed areas like:

  • Mobile home parks
  • Community parks
  • Apartment complexes
  • Remote communities

School districts can also choose to install the ConnectED Campus™ in underserved areas. The regions can even partner with organizations in the community to make Wi-Fi available in public locations like libraries, parks, and churches for students.

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ConnectED Campus™ promises equal access to alternative learning

Since the onset of technology, people have made various compromises in learning methods while favoring physical locations. However, the pandemic raised questions of safety, which resulted in finding alternative learning options.

It is no question that there is still a broad digital divide in our current day that makes distance learning difficult for kids from underserved communities. Some of the ways our ConnectED Campus™ benefits students include:

  • Providing WiFi at specific locations so that students can have access to study materials at home or close to their homes.
  • The use of on-campus WiFi within the school area after school hours.

The ConnectED Campus™, similar to the ConnectED Bus™, bridges the digital gap and levels the playing field for all students by providing equal access to learning materials.

Up to half a mile coverage for safer connectivity amid the Covid-19 halt

The gravity of the COVID-19 situation forced physical school locations to close down for the meantime. However, students can continue learning With the ConnectED Campus™ to complete their assignments in designated areas safely.

Because our campus WiFi system promises a broad coverage area of up to half a mile, your students are sure to observe social distancing in the process, keeping them safe.

Experience seamless transition into the new normal

As schools resume and embrace blended learning approaches during the new normal, it is time to make a proposal for WiFi in campuses to open new waves of opportunities to your students.

  • They can commute to designated locations and complete their assignments and projects if they are not comfortable returning to school.
  • For those that attend school physically, they can enjoy the WiFi in the school and designated locations on weekends and the evenings when school closes.
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Unique Benefits of the ConnectED Campus™

The ConnectED Campus™ WiFi offers numerous benefits to the school and students. One of the most unique benefits of our ConnectED Campus™ solution is the router.

Rugged, long-lasting router

Our router is made from quality material that makes it very sturdy. The router is resistant to weather damage, which is one of the leading causes of damage to electronic devices. Having our ConnectED Campus™ WiFi router is cost-effective because you don't have to spend so much on installation or to repair damaged parts.

Improving students' academic performance

The ConnectED Campus™ WiFi system helps in boosting students’ academic performance through the following:

  • By opening access to the campus WiFi to students in underserved areas, they can have the facility to do their homework easily.
  • Having the WiFi extended to areas beyond the school building makes students productive even after school hours.
  • With unlimited network resources, students are driven to work harder and do more research which drives innovation.
  • Encouraging focus on schoolwork helps students have more rest time when they get home.

A combination of these benefits and more make our ConnectED Campus™ an aid in improving students’ performance. Make your campus known for its support for academic excellence.

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New campus Wi-Fi system portals

The presence of these portals is one other feature that makes our solution unique. It has a cloud management portal and students sign-in portal that helps students optimize the use of ConnectED Campus™ efficiently.

Cloud management portal

Just like how your mobile cloud apps sync your files across devices, our cloud management portal connects all ConnectED™ Campus™ devices through a single access point. The cloud management portal also simplifies updates, configuration, deployments, and managements and simultaneously reduces stress on your part.

Gain access to real-time diagnostics

With the cloud management portal, you can gain access to real-time diagnostics and troubleshoot connection issues.

User-friendly API

The well-defined API (Application Program Interface) makes it easy to integrate with third party tools and applications.

New students' sign-in portal

Students are explorative and would typically prefer to visit fun websites over education applications. The students' sign-in portal helps you ensure that they use the ConnectED Campus™ for its intended purpose. Here are more of its benefits:

  • It secures the WiFi so you can be sure that only your students can access it.
  • The portal has a customizable landing page where you can display a welcome message and the school logo.
  • It gives room for similar experiences during distance learning and in-class learning.

Upon login, the portal automatically redirects them to whatever program they are using to learn. For example, if Google classroom is the selected distance learning software of your school, the student sign-in portal takes them there immediately when they log in. The sign-in portal helps you ensure that your students are being productive and using the school bus WiFi for its intended purpose.

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