Retail Occupancy

Know the accurate count of People in your establishment

Retail People Tracking Made Easy

How it Works

  • A transmitter and receiver are positioned across an entrance
  • Infrared beam is generated and broken by people passing through
  • Provides separate counts for both "In" and "Out"

Measure and Manage retail occupancy

How it Helps

Obtain valuable store people counting insights to easily manage retail occupancy restrictions and safeguard shopping spaces.

Plug and Play

Solution is ready to go right out of the box and is installed in minutes.

Cost Efficient

Low cost solution to help you meet occupancy compliance with social distancing.

Occupancy Alerts

Receive email and SMS alerts when occupancy threshold are exceeded.

Works best with

Convenience Stores
Coffee Shops
Bars and Pubs
Retail Boutiques

Retail People Counting Sensors

Infrared People Counter

Ideal for smaller locations with one entrance. Easy wire-free installation for accurate counting.

Easy Installation

Sensors are quickly installed and up and running in no time.

100% Off Network

The solution is off your network with zero impact on your existing IT.

100% Privacy

Doesn't capture identifiable information, protecting customer and employee privacy.

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