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We partner with school districts nationwide to help close the digital divide and create equity for all students, using an effective and innovative approach to address the homework gap and increase student success.

Smart Hotspot in hand showing How To Video, Chrome web browser and Wi-Fi hotspot buttons

Smart Hotspot™

The most cost-effective way to close the digital divide.

Smart Hotspot offers the same Wi-Fi capabilities as traditional hotspots, but its integrated Chrome web browser and 5.4" touch screen make it fully functional even without a secondary device. It’s the most cost-effective way to close the digitial divide for schools without an existing 1:1 program.

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Traditional hotspot

Traditional Hotspot

No-frills connectivity.

Fast, reliable, cost-effective, and sporting great battery life, the traditional hotspot is the right choice for schools wanting to supplement an existing 1:1 program for at-home internet access.

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Kids using electronic device on school bus

ConnectED Bus™

Provide your students with a library on wheels.

What happens when you provide kids with an extra hour per day of CIPA-filtered, connected learning time? Well, it turns out the answer is… just what you’d expect. Students overall perform better, and poorer students without home internet access get an extra block of time for doing internet-based homework.

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RhinoWare Connect door barricade mounted on classroom door

RhinoWare Connect

The best, last line of defense.

RhinoWare® is the most awarded door barricade on the market, and the strongest last line of defense—slowing the progress of active shooters while accelerating the response speed of security and police teams. RhinoWare Connect alerts school security and/or law enforcement when the barricade is activated, preventing abuse by bullies while helping law enforcement react faster to school shooting scenarios.

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