Restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals and pharmacies, are spending countless hours every day taking manual readings to insure their company’s refrigeration is always in compliance, always at the right temperature. A single non-compliant incident can result in thousands of dollars in wasted inventory, fines, equipment repair and even equipment replacement. In the most severe cases, businesses can face hefty fines and lawsuits, not to mention the damage to their brand and their reputation.

Manual monitoring is expensive, and it is virtually impossible to monitor everything 24 hours a day, and to ensure all readings are 100% accurate and not written down wrong. As a result, operational efficiency is diminished, while the risk of non-compliance increases.

Compare that to the latest IoT solutions that include wireless, automated remote monitoring. The cost for it is a fraction of the cost of taking manual readings. Automated readings are accurate and recorded properly and on time – every time, saving businesses significant amounts of money while at the same time, providing real-time information.

Take a look at this simple analysis:

Units being monitored               100

Description                                  Manual              Automated

Readings Per Day                           6                            72

Avg. Employee Rate of Pay         $12                         $0.00

Cost Per Sensor, Per Mo.            $0.00                      $10.00

Cost Per Reading                         $1.00                      $0.001417

Total # Monthly Readings           $18,000                 $216,000

Monthly Monitoring Costs      $18,000                 $900

The average company with 100 sensors, will save over $17,000 a year simply by automating their monitoring process. Then, when a refrigerator is off temperature, an alert is automatically sent out, notifying the right people (or persons), so immediate action can be taken. Saving the company more time, more money and reducing risks, fines and reputation.

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