Police Body Cameras
by BodyWorn™ for School Safety

When there’s a security issue on your campus, why leave the important step of manually turning on a camera when your officers need to address the crisis? Bring situational awareness as well as full transparency for your community and police with the artificial intelligence built into the BodyWorn™ Camera.

BodyWorn Cameras provide video recordings from the officers’ viewpoint and are activated by automatic triggers. Consider these scenarios when automatic recordings are incredibly helpful:

  • An office enters a pre-defined geographical area or action zone
  • An officer is running as in a foot pursuit
  • Gunshots are detected
  • A police or resource officer’s vehicle light bar is turned on
  • The police or resource officer’s vehicle door is opened
  • An officer becomes prone in the field and needs backup

In each of the above scenarios, BodyWorn Cameras automatically begin recording and recall two minutes of audio and video prior to the incident. This amazing tool automatically also sends a call for help, reporting the officer’s location to dispatch and to all officers within proximity.

Equip your officers and campus with the latest in situational awareness and raise the bar on campus safety. Schedule a call with Premier Wireless to bring BodyWorn Cameras to your school.

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