Turn Bus Time into Digital Learning Time

Connect-Ed Bus: Creating Equity for All Students through Wi-Fi Enabled Buses

“From K-12 to higher education,
learning is no longer confined to the walls of a classroom or lecture hall.”
- Dr. Beth Holland, EdD

Students spend on average of one hour a day on the bus headed to and from school. Why not allow them to use this commute time to work on school assignments? Wireless Internet on school buses is key.

Equipping school buses with CIPA-compliant Wi-Fi allows students to complete their homework, while preserving the same Internet experience from the classroom. Help your students maximize learning time when they’re on the bus going to and from school, sports activities or field trips. Premier Wireless provides secure Internet access by installing Wi-Fi access on your school buses with our Connect-Ed™ Bus solution.

Wi-Fi Enabled Bus Extends Learning Benefits to Your Community

Underserved communities can also benefit from Wi-Fi enabled buses. Many schools are parking Wi-Fi enabled buses in underserved communities to provide Internet access to their students and families. It’s like a rolling library for the digital age.

GPS Technology for Fleet Management

Premier Wireless helps you manage your fleet too. Locate your school buses using GPS technology, improve driver safety and access real-time information about your vehicles. Communicate with your bus drivers with Sprint’s Push-To-Talk services. Communicate with just one bus or a group of buses at any time. Make the most of your technology budget, while helping students achieve all they can.

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