From In-Vehicle to Handheld

The significant assistance that has been provided by in-vehicle computers has been an indispensable aspect of a police officer’s work life. Some of the tasks and software that in-vehicle computers can perform include computer-aided dispatch activities, video unit control, and license plate reader systems. Some of these in-vehicle technologies can also help officers obtain data that will increase their safety. That is how powerful in-vehicle devices can be. Today, we have the privilege of having new methods to help officers achieve tasks. It is essential to have a more modern approach for officers, especially when they no longer have access to in-vehicle computers. Officers need mobile, handheld technology to complete work activities such as a smartphone. Some of the capabilities that mobile devices possess include acting as a driver’s license and ID verification scanner, perform electronic citations, and language translation.

Real World Benefits of Smartphone Technology

Sheriffs, police officers, and other essential law enforcement professionals should always be equipped with the necessary tools to conduct work-related duties. A smartphone may seem like a luxury from an outside perspective, but in today’s modern age, it is of great importance to have mobile devices to help police officers in the most challenging circumstances. Having a smartphone device with applications that are created to help officers fulfill duties can save lives. Applications that can be incorporated in smartphones include a dispatch app, apps that can help locate stranded individuals, apps that help determine pulse rate and other medical concerns. Smartphones can work in conjunction with wearable technology to help protect the safety of officers and other personnel when performing arduous missions such as rescue operations. For these compelling reasons, the use smartphone technology should be incorporated into an officer’s arsenal of tools that will help him/her perform work duties.

Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management

When law enforcement professionals use smartphones to conduct work-related affairs, highly sensitive information can be distributed. Therefore, there must be strategies that must be created and executed to regulate activities that are performed using smartphones. One of the most effective ways to perform regulation duties is through mobile device management services. When the regulation of applications and the content within the smartphone is enforced, the software that can perform these duties is typically referred to as enterprise mobility management, or EMM for short. There are many capabilities that this software can perform to protect mobile devices such as smartphones. EMM can determine which applications can be downloaded and utilized, prohibit access to certain websites or URLs, and block access to public WiFi. The configuration capabilities that EMM can perform will provide IT departments and other law enforcement personnel with peace of mind knowing their mobile devices are protected from possible breaches.

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