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The significant assistance that has been provided by in-vehicle computers has been an indispensable aspect of a police officer’s work life. Some of the tasks and software that in-vehicle computers can perform include computer-aided dispatch activities, video unit control, and license plate reader systems. Some of these in-vehicle technologies can also help officers obtain data that will increase their safety. That is how powerful in-vehicle devices can be. Today, we have the privilege of having new methods to help officers achieve tasks. It is essential to have a more modern approach for officers, especially when they no longer have access to in-vehicle computers. Officers need mobile, handheld technology to complete work activities such as a smartphone. Some of the capabilities that mobile devices possess include acting as a driver’s license and ID verification scanner, perform electronic citations, and language translation.

BodyWornTM Body Cameras—the most advanced, police body cameras on the market today, offering:

  • Real-time situational awareness,
  • Policy-based automatic recording based upon pre-defined triggers,
  • Life-saving technology that automatically starts recording and sending alerts with the officer’s GPS location when an officer is down and needs assistance,
  • The only police body camera with gunshot detection and
  • Much, much more.

BodyWorn Body Cameras use artificial intelligence to create situational awareness, delivering a smart solution for law enforcement and our communities. Learn more about these powerful body cameras and in-car solutions that bring situational awareness as well as full transparency for your community and police.

In-Car Cameras & Communications

It’s time to bring situational awareness to our communities and our police officers.

The RocketIoT is an in-care camera system with built-in digital video recording capabilities. This intelligent, configurable solution can power up to four wide-angle cameras to capture the most critical moments—from officers assessing situations from the car to those in pursuit. The RocketIoT can be accessed through an app or a web browser, giving users flexibility to start and stop recordings, view storage details and play recorded incidents.

This in-car camera system even recognizes when to start and stop recording when specific events occur such as when the police light bar is turned on or the police car door is opened.

Further, the RocketIoT seamlessly integrates with a digital media recorder enables full automation of evidence gathering. It operates with a wireless access point to provide a reliable Internet connection as well as automatic wireless video offload.

The RocketIoT is tightly integrated with the BodyWorn. Learn more.

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