Quick and Simple Check-In

After a long trip, the last thing that some hotel guests will like to do is go through the check-in process. Many hotels and other hospitality establishments do their best to create a welcoming environment, and that includes providing a positive check-in experience. Many managers hire individuals that are experienced working in hospitality or customer service, and they even hire individuals who speak multiple languages to assist international guests. Even when management personnel go to these lengths to provide a comforting experience to customers, customers simply do not want to engage. They may be tired from a long flight, they perhaps have disabilities, or they just do not want to converse with the front desk staff. Customers can use their Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+, or other compatible devices to utilize a check-in application app and digital room key to avoid the check-in process at the front desk.

Premium In-Room Experience

When guests enter their room for the first time, one of the first things they do is turn on the TV. A TV in a hotel room these days is an absolute necessity. Some guests would like to get a good sleep. Some guests would like to explore the hotel. There are some guests, and a good majority of them, that would just like to unwind and watch television. A television within a hotel room must be different from a traditional TV. If you are searching to provide a premium in-room experience for your guests, consider incorporating Smart TVs in rooms. Our Samsung partners can provide your hospitality business premier Smart TVs to enhance the guest experience, such as the Premium HF690 Series 65” and the Advanced HE570 Series 49”. We understand that providing an exceptional experience for your guest is essential to your reputation and growth of your business. When you consider adding smart TVs, you will take steps to elevate the guest experience. Smart TV capabilities include watching mobile content, check SNS, and watch exceptional programming.

Tap Into the Needs of Your Guests

Some guests like to explore their hotel surroundings after they get accommodated in their hotel rooms. Other guests simply want to unwind and enjoy their hotel room experience. Guests can genuinely obtain an incredible hotel experience with the use of in-room tablets. We provide to hospitality business with access to the latest Samsung tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab S4 and the Galaxy Tab S3 to help support their mission of providing an unforgettable hotel experience for their respective guests. The capabilities that Samsung tablets have are simply innumerable. In-room tablets can act as TV controls and can serve as a room control device. Guests can perform in-room dining ordering requests, as well as create restaurant reservations, spa reservations, and even check-out of their hotel rooms. That is how powerful modern devices such as tablets can elevate the guest experience.

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