Wireless Sensor and Gateway

Certain regulations retail establishments such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug stores must follow at all times, including maintaining appropriate refrigeration temperatures. What is most revealing is that even with powerful technologies that are available for retailers, a good amount of these businesses continue to perform manual refrigeration monitoring. This should no longer be the best way to conduct monitoring duties. Wireless sensor and gateway technologies allow for automated temperature and humidity readings to be recorded instantaneously. Another benefit is that these devices only take minutes to install saving you time which promotes work efficiency. It is time for retailers to embrace modern technologies to maintain regulations standards.

Remote Monitoring

Performing essential duties such as monitoring refrigerator temperatures is a task that should never be taken lightly. Retailers should always analyze refrigerator temperatures to ensure that product such as perishable foods are always fresh and safe for mass consumption. Many retailers perform manual monitoring, which can be costly and can take a significant amount of labor. The most troubling aspect of performing manual monitoring is that in certain instances, temperature readings may not be accurate. This can increase the probability of raising compliance concerns with regulatory agencies such as the Food and Safety Inspection Service. By utilizing remote monitoring technologies, employees will be able to receive alerts through SMS text messages and emails, as well as having the ability to protect highly sensitive data.

Compliance Reporting

Retailers must ensure that they meet and follow the regulations established by regulatory agencies such as the FDA, CDC, and FSIS. Retailers must follow such rules to protect consumers from obtaining any health concerns. If these requirements are not followed thoroughly, consequences may arise. These consequences can take many forms. These regulatory agencies can impose fines that fall in the thousands, if not millions. Although fines can be inconvenient to retailers, it is not the worst fate they can suffer. A penalty seems like a more viable option than the potential health issues that consumers can experience if an outbreak occurs because of improper refrigeration. To be perfectly clear, none of these scenarios should ever happen to any retail establishment.

Retailers that are searching for ways to avoid such crises should invest in remote monitoring technologies that will provide them with accurate data recording. By doing so, compliance reporting will be fulfilled more effectively, unlike manual monitoring. Manual monitoring will most likely lead to noncompliance due to inaccuracies, which will be costly to retailers. Compliance reporting will be completed in a precise and efficient manner, which will provide company stakeholders with peace of mind knowing they are in good standing with prominent regulatory agencies.

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