RhinoWare® Door Barricades for Schools

The Strongest, Last Line of Defense for Your Campus

School safety is everyone’s concern. In most school shootings, the active shooters have been someone who was approved to be on campus. While vestibules, access control systems, security cameras and resource officers are important, those only provide the first line of defense. How will you protect your students and faculty once the active shooter gets past the first line?

RhinoWare® is the most-awarded door barricade on the market and it provides the strongest last line of defense. Secure your classrooms and protect your students in less than 1 second. Don’t believe us? Check out this 4-second video to see how quickly even a 4-year-old child can engage this door barricade to protect themselves from an active shooter.


Taking security a step further, first responders and your designated administrators will receive immediate alerts when RhinoWare has been “engaged” or put in “lock down” with the optional support of RhinoWare Connect®.

Download our flier for more details and schedule a call with Premier Wireless to bring this powerful tool to your school campus.

RhinoWare Door Barricades: A Strategic Part of Your School’s Active Shooter Emergency Management Plan

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