Performing essential refrigeration monitoring responsibilities is necessary for all organizations that provide food services and products for human consumption. If you are searching to meet all regulations regarding refrigeration monitoring, Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions is your resource to obtain refrigeration monitoring technology by obtaining superior IoT devices and systems.

Always Be Prepared For Upcoming Regulatory Inspections

Did you know that a John Hopkins study published in the Public Health Reports Journal stated that a restaurant would face considerable fines that can range anywhere from $4,000 for a single outbreak if five individuals get ill and up to $1.9 million if 250 individuals get sick. It is an incredible amount of money to be paying for not following refrigeration regulations. Government agencies such as the FDA and CDC have specific guidelines that food service providers must follow. These food service providers include restaurants, bars, food production, and hospitality companies. Recently there have been prominent cases of businesses that have failed to comply because of refrigerations failures. To avoid future problems, always ensure that your refrigeration equipment is always up to par. Preparation is key to a successful inspection.

A Risk or Expense Will Result if Your Business Continues to Perform Manual Monitoring

Refrigeration equipment has a tremendous responsibility. These systems are responsible for preserving the quality and safety of many perishable goods that include meats, eggs, dairy, and produce. Even in the age of modern technology, some businesses have facilities that require their workers to monitor refrigerations systems manually. Monitoring such systems is not a 9-5 job. It requires 24-hour personnel. Sustaining this type of monitoring can become challenging over time. Also, there are numerous disadvantages to performing refrigeration monitoring manually. It can be expensive, it can be labor intensive, and most importantly, refrigeration readings may be inaccurate. In many cases, this form of refrigeration monitoring is often duplicated to ensure that regulations from the various government agencies are being followed. All of these issues can affect the efficiency of operational duties, which ultimately results in increasing non-compliance risks that can eventually negatively impact an entire business.

The Solution that Food Services Providers Have Been Waiting For

To combat non-compliance concerns, businesses can incorporate IoT solutions that provide automated refrigeration monitoring. No longer should companies run the risk of producing inaccurate readings due to human error. By using IoT solutions, you will have software that will keep perishable foods preserved and safe in a more effective and precise manner. There are incredible benefits to having IoT solutions for the refrigeration within your facilities. First, you will be able to have immediate alerts through SMS messaging and emails. Also, IoT solutions can be placed at any facility, no matter its size. This is thanks to their industrial grade sensors and their long-range capabilities. Lastly, but no less critical, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that you will receive accurate data readings that will comply with government agencies such as the CDC and FDA. Businesses that provide food services can now continue with their respective operations knowing that they have refrigeration technology that will not only save time but will save money and reduce risks.

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