Unlock the Next Mobile Economy

Samsung Smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, Galaxy Books, and Wearables are designed to meet the demanding needs of employees and students alike. Packed full of productivity features and simplicity for the user, Samsung also provides defense-grade security and a seamless ecosystem for simple and easy IT management.


Tablets & Handhelds

In today’s world of advanced mobile technology, you’re either a disruptor or the one disrupted, the leader or the one left behind.  It’s time to harness the potential of open mobile platforms, so you can do what others can’t.




Samsung Chromebooks offer schools a way to embrace 1:1 digital learning, even with a limited budget, and are an integral part of curated education solutions from leading providers in the field.


Galaxy Watch

Wearables and Attachables:

You and your team can achieve the incredible today, simply by leveraging wearables at work!  Wearables can help your workforce become healthier, enabling them to respond more quickly to your business needs, and provide important alerts, wherever they go. Samsung ProCare Device Protection provides deductible-free assistance to ensure your damaged devices are repaired quickly.

Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox & Mobile Security:

Stay connected, protected and productive with Samsung Knox. We use our smartphones and tablets to stay in touch and to store and access sensitive data.  The more we use our devices, the more sensitive the data, the more at risk we are unless we have top-notch security. Introducing Samsung Knox. Samsung Knox is a defense-grade security platform built from the chip up for superior protection that’s easier to manage.