Wearables & Attachables

Wearable solutions keep every employee in the loop and enable them to respond to requests or issues instantly.  This means faster service in hotels, greater table turnover in restaurants, and more efficient manufacturing processes.  They enable healthier lifestyle’s and healthier employees.  They remind employees who sit for long periods of time to get moving and help guide them through work-outs and healthy eating.  Wearables are perfect for First Responders, enabling command staff to track their locations, their vital signs and if their heart rate abruptly rises, the command staff can send backup, saving officer lives.  Wearables can also monitor things like fatigue which can reduce injuries and on the job accidents in high-risk workplaces like warehouses and oil rigs.

Samsung Dex

Samsung’s Dex platform can enable your organization to go mobile – truly mobile, by replacing traditional PC’s with Galaxy SmartPhones.  With Samsung DeX your employees can connect their compatible Galaxy device to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop computing experience on the go with Galaxy Desktop. They’ll be able to use their device to open apps, use keyboard shortcuts, and drag and drop files all on the big screen.


Repair your devices quickly and affordably, with Samsung’s deductible-free ProCare device protection plans that ensure your damaged devices are repaired quickly. Minor damage left unrepaired increases your risk of device failure and can negatively impact your ability to conduct business. With Samsung ProCare, you’ll have the coverage and the peace of mind to ensure business continuity and to protect your company’s most valuable assets. For complete information, contact us today.

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