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Smart Hotspot in hand showing How To Video, Chrome web browser and Wi-Fi hotspot buttons

The most cost-effective way to close the digital divide.

Traditional hotspots require a secondary device to be useful. Smart Hotspot delivers all the functionality of a Wi-Fi hotspot, but with its integrated Chrome web browser and large, 5.4-inch phablet screen, it is completely viable as a standalone unit for kids doing homework or research. Plus, it offers fully CIPA-compliant filtering out-of-the-box, making it an easy choice especially for smaller districts.

Teenager on bedroom floor doing homework using his smartphone

Built in this generation’s native form factor.

In a phenomenon that baffles most adults, many kids these days are choosing to do their homework on their phone—even when they have another computing device like a laptop or tablet available.

Why? Well, it’s always on them, convenient, and more personal than a larger device—plus, they’re particularly convenient while on a bus commute, field trip or other school activity. Why not provide a connectivity device in this generation’s native form factor?

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