Contactless temperature testing for schools, offices, airports, and beyond.

Highly accurate
With up to 0.5-degree accuracy, know you’re staying on top of the health of your visitors.
1-second detection
No need to ask people to stand still with detection that happens in a split second.
No-contact measurement
Practice social distancing with a solution that works perfectly from more than 6 feet away.
Bi-spectrum monitoring
Provides both thermal and optical imagery apart from temperature measurement.
Smart detection
Focuses temperature measurement areas on human bodies to avoid false alarms.
Embedded audio alarm
Triggers alarms to notify operators immediately when an abnormal temperature is detected.
Smart Hotspot in hand showing How To Video, Chrome web browser and Wi-Fi hotspot buttons

Best-in-class imaging technology.

Take advantage of the very best imaging technology, with one-second detection, sub-degree accuracy, automatic human detection, and more..

Smart Hotspot in hand showing How To Video, Chrome web browser and Wi-Fi hotspot buttons

The simplest, easiest way to protect your building from those carrying disease.

Requires no dedicated staffing or human intervention to operate. Simply set your acceptable temperature thresholds and visitors will be automatically told how to proceed.

4 Form Factors

Every use case is unique, which is why we offer four distinct device form factors. From office security to salon security to airpot security, we’ve got you covered.


Invite users to check their temperature on building entry (100% touch-free)


Discretely watch for and automatically detect fevers from a distance


Portable solution for quickly checking temperatures in any venue

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