Traditional HotspotTraditional Hotspot

Traditional Hotspot

Anywhere Internet access for all your devices.

Easily connect up to 15 devices, wherever you are. A perfect supplement for schools with an existing 1:1 program.


Wi-Fi Connection Management

T9 is a LTE Mobile Hotspot that simultaneously supports 15 device connections through built-in Wi-Fi AP. With advanced LTE technology and multi band support, T9 provides seamless wireless data connection whenever needed, wherever it goes. The OLED display with unique icons and text panel can provide easy-to-recognize device service status to customers. The stylish pocket-sized and semi-rugged design makes it easy for customers to carry it around anywhere.

Need more versatility?

Traditional hotspots require a secondary device to be useful. Premier's Advanced Hotspot delivers all the functionality of a Wi-Fi hotspot, but with its integrated Chrome web browser and large, 5.4-inch phablet screen, it is completely viable as a standalone unit for kids doing homework or research. Plus, it offers fully CIPA-compliant filtering out-of-the-box, making it an easy choice, especially for smaller districts.

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