Transportation Safety

From 2000 to 2018, there were 277 active shooter incidents in the United States. Although no one likes to think about it, it's essential for transit administrators, station managers, and staff to have the tools to help protect them from the unthinkable. Thus crisis communications plans and lockdown drills have become a standard protocol.

Let us help you leverage innovative technology solutions to provide the peace of mind your school district and your community needs.

RhinoWare® Smart Door Barricade

RhinoWare® Smart Door Barricade is a stainless steel barrier that can lockdown any type of door in less than 1 second. With a simple lift of a tab, it's easy enough for a 4 year old to operate and yet strong enough to withstand several tons of direct, sustained force.

With RhinoWare Connect™, administrators and first responders can receive an automatic notification within seconds of a lockdown, including location information with a floor plan. When every second counts, count on RhinoWare® Smart Door Barricade.

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Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can be personally carried or mounted throughout your buildings to alert your administrators and first responders of an emergency. Simply press the button to send unlimited notifications with exact location details.

Whether you're protecting a classroom, an office or an individual, panic buttons utilize the latest technology to ensure fast response times.

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Grants Office

Federal and state grants are part of the budget picture for nearly every public sector agency in the country, but many agencies are understaffed for grants development or lack experience with grant programs that could dramatically increase their capacity to leverage technology to advance their missions and impact their communities.

The Premier Wireless Grants Support Program provides public sector agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals with grants information, customized funder research, and consultation that will help develop project ideas, get technology-rich projects funded, and even expand initiatives that are already in the works.

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