ConnectED Bus™

Add unlimited high-speed Wi‑Fi to all your buses, allowing students to be more productive and connecting underserved communities.

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Keep your students connected during COVID-19.

The Digital Divide has been a topic of conversation for years. COVID-19 demands we take action now. Premier’s ConnectED Bus™ turns each of your school buses into a mobile hotspot with up to a quarter-mile radius.

Each bus has the ability to connect up to 128 students to totally CIPA-filtered content. Plus, the hotspot's broad coverage area allows ample room for social distancing.

School bus

Keep your students connected when riding the bus.

In rural communities, the daily student commute can be over 2 hours each way, that’s over 4 hours per day. And student athletes can average an additional 3–6 hours per week traveling for competitions.

ConnectED Bus enables students to make the most of their commuting time, using these hours to do internet research, complete assignments, and study for tests.

Studies show student performance increases and disruptive incidents decrease.

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Enable advanced tracking and monitoring.

GPS tracking with the ConnectED™ Bus provides several advantages for administrators with access real-time location information. This enables them to better manage bus routes, receive geo-fencing alerts, improve efficiency and ensure safety.

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Hardware that’s cutting-edge and future-proof.

The BEC router included as part of ConnectED Bus™ is one of the most advanced in its class, supporting up to 128 simultaneous Wi‑Fi connections, enabling real-time video surveillance, and provides up to a quarter-mile Wi‑Fi hotspot.

Your investment is protected with BEC’s upgradable modem, allowing you to upgrade to 5G at a nominal cost when the time is right.

Deployment Options

(bolt-mount antenna)

Ideal for long-term, permanent use.
Professional installation available nationwide.

(magnetic antennas)

Rugged carrying case for quick and easy setup.
Provides flexibility for use between vehicles or on-campus.

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