ConnectED Bus™

Give your students a library on wheels.

What happens when you provide kids with an extra hour per day of CIPA-filtered, connected learning time?

School bus

Boost your school’s performance.

Help your students maximize learning time when they’re on the bus going to and from school, sports activities or field trips. The ConnectED™ Bus provides CIPA-compliant Wi-Fi Internet access allowing students to complete their homework, while preserving the same Internet experience from the classroom. Additionally, we’re seeing that having Internet access on the bus keeps students occupied and reduces disciplinary issues, making it a safer ride for everyone.

School bus

Help close the digital divide.

Underserved communities can also benefit from Wi-Fi enabled buses. Many schools are parking Wi-Fi enabled buses in economically disadvantaged communities to provide Internet access to their students and families. The ConnectED™ Bus provides up to 128 simultaneous connections within ¼ mile radius of the bus. It’s like a rolling library for the digital age.

School bus

Track locations in realtime.

GPS tracking with the ConnectED™ Bus provides several advantages for both administrators and parents. Administrators can access real-time location information, monitor bus routes, enable geo-fencing and track bus driver behavior to improve efficiencies and ensure safety. Parents can access real-time location information and anticipate arrival times for peace of mind.

School bus

Monitor behavior with video surveillance.

The ConnectED™ Bus video surveillance system provides access to both real-time and stored video footage. Multiple camera angles inside and outside the bus allow you to monitor bus driver behavior, student behavior and driving behaviors of other motorists on the road.

School bus


Unlimited access to up to 128 students.

We work with a variety of top hardware providers, including Cradlepoint, Sierra, Peplink and BEC—but our preferred solution for most school bus deployments is the BEC MX-1200 (pictured), paired with AG60-MB-4CG or AG60-MB-4W antennas.

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