Technology has the power to transform the lives of our citizens and employees. Premier Wireless provides the solutions you need to develop “smart government”, “smart cities” and even “smart rural communities”. Government agencies are moving in this direction to better serve the public and improve everyone's quality of life. Smart connectivity captures data that can be used to make informed decisions on how to tackle the biggest societal issues facing governments today: health, education, economy, mobility (transportation), quality of life, and the environment.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response in GovenrmentCOVID-19 Pandemic Response in Govenrment

COVID-19 Pandemic & the Government's “New Normal”

With the decision to reopen schools and government agencies being made, safety is a top concern. Our smart technological solutions make it easier to guarantee safety for citizens, students and staff in government buildings. We provide a variety of devices that help in enforcing social distancing laws and preventing the spread of the virus. Our SmartTemp™ solutions help you to detect fevers and stop them at the door before they have the opportunity to get into your building. SmartTemp™ offers contactless thermographic temperature checking. To ensure you maintain the proper number of occupants and they stay at the proper distance, our Countique utilization tracker automatically monitors the levels and keeps you in compliance.

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Keeping government employees connected has a massive effect on productivity. The ability to communicate mobile phones, texting, emails, video conferences, and video chats has become a necessity for government employees. Our smart phones, rugged phones, smart hotspots, tablets and laptops will keep your team connected. With our mobile data management system, you decide what apps employees need to access and activate new units and brick lost or stolen ones in our easy to use dashboard.

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city busescity buses


The ConnectED Bus™ is our bus WiFi solution that promotes connectivity in transit. Commuters spend a long time on the city bus, and they have nothing to do during the rides, so providing WiFi access helps them do more on every trip, particularly for riders who would not have internet access otherwise.

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connected police cars and officersconnected police cars and officers

Safety & Security

In today’s unpredictable world, safety and security is always top of mind. Keeping cities and your employees safe is of the utmost concern. With Rhinoware, the smart door barricade from Premier Wireless, you can sleep a little better knowing that occupants in schools, local state federal office, courthouses and other agency buildings have a fast defense system at their finger tips.

Officer safety and accountability is paramount these days. Premier Wireless’ state of the art body cameras with built-in LTE and their in-car vehicle MDTs create transparency and safety. We also offer video solutions that are rugged, reliable and feature automatic triggering that can be installed in your government vehicles including metro buses, police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks.

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Grants Office

Federal and state grants are part of the budget picture for nearly every public sector agency in the country, but many agencies are understaffed for grants development or lack experience with grant programs that could dramatically increase their capacity to leverage technology to advance their missions and impact their communities.

The Premier Wireless Grants Support Program provides public sector agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals with grants information, customized funder research, and consultation that will help develop project ideas, get technology-rich projects funded, and even expand initiatives that are already in the works.

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